Safety Precautions Guideline for Children Bunky Beds

Bunk beds are popular as a convenient and space saving alternative, that a lot of parents think they are just as safe as any other children’s bed. But to make them completely safe and user friendly some rules and safety measures must be followed to ensure your kid’s safety in a bed. Here are some of these rules which you must follow to make your kids safe in their beds.

Common Rules

Bunk beds are totally unfit for very tiny children. Actually, any bed you buy new will have a label on it that shows that kids under the age of six should not sleep on the upper bunk. But due to certain reasons many parents usually ignore this rule. As a result kids can fall in their sleep; they also generally fall while playing on the upper bunk. It is important for parents to teach their child that their bed is for only sleeping purpose and the floor is for playing. It is very appealing for children that their friends or siblings come up to the top and join them to play, but this rule should not be changed. Sometimes when accidental falls may occur, you should examine the things you have around the bed. Avoid putting any other furniture or thing with sharp edges nearby and toys should be kept cleaned around the bed. If it may happen that your child fall from the top  you never want them to fall on something sharp.

While the charm of a bed that appears almost like a climbing tool is very strong, it is important to take care that kids always utilise the ladder to climb up and down from the upper bunk. Usually children want to climb up and down using the side rails or any end rail, but again that can cause the sever danger of falls. Always ensure that your kid’sbed should not be handled as a part of a playground.

Make sure that your children’s bed fulfills all the requirements of the present safety standards. There should be a tag stick on the frame of the bed somewhere, or if your bed is handcrafted or an older model, try to learn about the recent measurements, and check your bed if it matches the standard or not. It is also very important to double-check all screws and bolts time to time to make sure that every nut and screw is tightened up.


The upper bed should have guard rails on all four sides of the bed. Generally, the bed is placed opposite the wall, and the only side rail is on the outside of the bed. The space between the guardrails is also a matter of concern. It is very unsafe to have gaps more than 9 cm between the lower guardrail and the bed frame.

You can find these beds in both the wooden beds material and metals bed material, the choice is of course yours.

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