Looking for Metal Framed Beds for autumn / winter?

With every new season come new trends in clothing, music and literature. Interior design is no exception and this season it is all about metal framed beds.

Coming into the autumn, beautiful shades of gold and brown are everywhere. If you love to keep your home at the height of fashion why not buy one of the amazing metal beds available to buy? If you want a lovely autumn look, go for a bronze coloured metal framed bed. This season play on the colour trend and add golden coloured blankets and patterned green and orange cushions to your beautiful metal bed frame. Additionally you could buy silver metal framed beds, however these look better in the summer months against yellows and greens.

Perhaps you may be thinking this is an expensive seasonal buy to make but this metal bed frame can be dressed up for any time of the year. For example, why not give the bronze metal framed bed a bit of a festive look at Christmas by adding red duvet covers and fairy lights. These colours look amazing together and will really show your bed off to its full potential. Likewise deep purple, chocolate or black duvets will look fantastic against bronze during the cold winter months when you and your partner are snuggling up in bed to watch a DVD. Summer will see cream and pale shades show the bed off.

The colder weather also singles a change in the types of material and textures used. Velvet duvets and other cuddly fabrics are the perfect choice to keep you wrapped up warm when it is freezing outside. Just as we pack away summer clothes and shoes coming in autumn, the same needs to be done when it comes to faux leather bedsheets and blankets. After all those light cotton sheets will do nothing to guard off those winter chills.

As it gets darker earlier in the winter months another great idea is to add some additional lighting to your bedroom. Scented candles add to the look and feel of the whole room and will make you feel so cosy after standing at the bus stop for ages on your way home from work. Fur rugs at the foot of the bed is another great touch so turn up the comfort factor and relax in your beautiful bedroom.

A new season with the changes in the weather means that, in general we spend more time indoors  during the autumn/winter than what we would during the spring or summer. If you do not have long sunny days to look forward to then the least you can do is ensure your time indoors will be spent in luxury and style.

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