8 Tips to Decor and Efficiently Utilize Small Living Rooms

 Overcrowded cities and elevated land prices do not allow most of people to build traditional large houses and as a result small houses, apartments and flats become today’s need. One story on another and you hardly find large lounges and big bedrooms. Here starts the dilemma! If you start utilizing every square inch of your house it will end up in looking some cluttered warehouse and if you try to decorate the small space it will not allow installing or placing items that the households need the most like cupboards.  Now the challenge is to utilize the small space to meet households’ needs in a way to decorate the house at the same time. Here are some tips to decor your small livings rooms.

One large wall hanging

Have one over-sized wall hanging on the front wall. It will widen your living room. Avoid having a number of small articles on walls like photo frames or paintings, scattered and covering most of the wall space. They give room rough and poorly managed effect.

Sofa beds

Place sofa beds in your living room. They are best choice for small houses. If you have occasional guests they will serve as beds and for the rest of the time they are sofas. Try to lessen the number of furniture by using multifunctional items just like seated chests that can serve as sitting place and storage space at the same time.  To make room spacious you can have a large sofa bed in living room.

Side tables with shelves

Place side tables having shelves underneath. Shelves are an easy way to organize and manage articles that do not find any appropriate place elsewhere. These will be used to put newspapers, books or snacks on arrival of guests.

Wall-mount TV

Make a side wall, a TV wall. A wall-mount TV will save space on land. You can hang any painting behind the TV to frame or to give it good furnishing.

Dual purpose pitcher

Place dual purpose pitchers on side table or on shelves. They will serve as holding points for many small items like pens or nail cutters and placing flowers will turn them into a vase. So they will be storage places and a decoration items alike.

Round cornered furniture

Place round and soft cornered table and chests. Avoid having furniture articles with sharp corners. They impart softness to the room. Having coffee tables with 3 or 4 chairs is a good option. It serves as a table and can easily be removed if kids want to play in room or if you want to alter the seating plan for some expected guests.

Space under staircase

If you have any staircase in your living room use the spare area under it. You can place a table and a chair here. Install some shelves and it will look like a study room.

Emphasize vertical lines 

Emphasize vertical lines and designs. Get walls painted in some vertical designs, hang full-length curtains and place large mirrors on walls and they will give your room spacious effect. Especially if ceiling is low, straight up lines widen your room.

I hope using above tips will help you in furnishing and decorating your small living room in best possible way. Everything mentioned has dual character; to furnish a small living through efficiently utilizing space and to decor room at the same time.


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